ZimBoard Premium Hardwood Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves have caught on big in the world of home interior decorating and for good reason and that’s because they are so incredibly versatile. Free from distracting brackets, floating shelves appear to defy gravity by having no visible means of support. Floating Shelves deliver a clean “minimalist style” showing nothing but the gorgeous wood shelf while their steel mounting bracket is hidden inside the shelf itself.

Floating shelves deliver plenty of storage and visual appeal. Use them around the TV to add interest or in the kitchen between cabinets for displaying your prettiest dishes and glasses. Use narrow floating shelves for displaying books like a magazine rack especially if you have a lot of coffee table books to showcase – also a great solution for displaying framed artwork or family photos.  Our shelves with their organic wood beauty and prominently displayed on the wall can actually work as artwork.

What you get with a ZimBoard Floating Shelf
Each ZimBoard shelf is actually a 2” thick hardwood slab finished with a commercially applied premium post catalyzed conversion varnish that not only protects the wood but also brings out the beautiful natural figure and color of the wood. ZimBoard shelves are made of “character grade” native Pennsylvania hardwood with amazing eye catching grain patterns, natural imperfections and rich color tones, NOT lesser stained softwood made to mimic it. Choose between natural live-edge for a rustic look, or our flat-edge for a modern style - both styles made in black walnut, black cherry or ash in sizes up to 84” long.  

Character-Grade Hardwood
Our shelves are often very different from other shelves because they are genuine single-board hardwood which reveals the true natural character of the specific wood species like sapwood, knots and growth rings that together tell the story of the tree it came from. Most shelves sold are made of commercially processed lumber and lack the natural character our wood offers. You can’t buy our wood at a typical lumber yard and that’s why we process our own wood from log to kiln dried wood slab.   


Two main factors establish the quality and eye appeal of any piece of wood furniture and they are the actual wood used and finish applied. Our character-grade hardwood and professionally applied finish result in a high quality shelf that brings beautiful natural character into any space.   

Each ZimBoard Floating Shelf is sprayed with a clear coat sealer, sanded then sprayed with a Post-Catalyzed Conversion Varnish leaving a lustrous 20 sheen semi-gloss finish that begs to be touched – a beautiful finish  that is of premium quality applied by a skilled furniture finisher - John. Once dry this finish features high solids, moisture and mar resistance, good flexibility and is more durable than many other finishes. The finish makes or breaks any wood product – especially hardwood floating shelves. We are selling wood character and our premium finish provides ultimate protection while bringing out the eye-catching wood grain and color tones.


Installing ZimBoard Floating Shelves
Our floating shelves are easy to install with simple tools that include a stud finder, pencil, level, drill, drill bit and Philips Head driver tip used in the drill. Our shelves are solid hardwood and therefore shelves over 30 inches require 2 people for a safe installation and to avoid damaging the shelf itself.

We absolutely insist that our shelves be installed with their heavy steel mounting bracket screwed directly into solid wood studs or masonry and not into drywall, plywood, or paneling.

Beginning with selecting the shelfs location the next step is to locate the walls wood studs with a stud finder. Once the studs are located, final shelf position measurements are established and marked with a pencil. Using a drill with appropriate bit pilot holes for screws are drilled. Next, fasten the steel bracket to the wall studs. The back of the shelf is routed and drilled to accept the steel hidden bracket allowing the shelf to be mounted flush against wall. Slide the shelf onto the steel bracket and check your work with a level. Detailed instructions with fastening screws are included with each shelf - installation time can be as short as 15 minutes.

Specifications / Details

Weight Capacity: 40lbs per wall stud (every 16")
Available Sizes: Standard shelf lengths 24”, 30”, 48” and 60” with depths 8” to 12” (custom sizes available)
Quantity of Shelves Included: 1
Hidden Bracket Included:  Yes
Mounting Hardware Included:  Yes, for mounting to wood wall studs
Tools Needed for Install:  Power Drill, Stud Finder, Level, Measuring Tape
Installation Time:  15 minutes per shelf
Production Time: 3 - 6 weeks depending on style, size and quantity of shelves
Made in the USA:  All ZimBoard shelves and steel brackets are made right here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.