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Discover the natural beauty of our native Pennsylvania Hardwood Shelving and Culinary Boards. From Mid-Century Modern to Rustic Lodge, our amazing wood grain and color define our wood shelves and wood cutting boards. wood we saw and dry for two years before our skilled wood crafters use it for our custom shelves and boards. 

No Cookie Cutter here.

Our "character-grade" wood shelves and cutting boards with their hefty form and genuine wood character reveal a more natural element and are more beautiful compared to boring cookie cutter shelves made of glued-up boards. 

walnut floating shelf

The 10'W Black Walnut Floating Shelf above brings amazing wood character and color into the bright space, highlighting the intense walnut limb-wood figure while delivering a modern style. Our definition of a custom floating shelf.

Below, the client uses the rich coffee-brown color tones and wavy figure of the black walnut to create an eye-catching kitchen decor accent.


Choose a modern or rustic natural edge style that best accents your spaces room décor.

Custom is Custom - Style & Size

These 4 - 90"W black walnut floating shelves were made from the same black walnut log ensuring each shelves color and grain matches. The designer took the space, used the woods natural beauty for eye appeal creating useful storage space.      

Premium Furniture-Grade Finish

Our shelves are defined by their beautiful wood and premium finish. Our Catalyzed Conversion Varnish (CCV) Finish is the established Fine Furniture Premium Finish. CCV must be applied by a skilled woodworker due to it requiring accurate preparation/mixing and application. CCV has a 40/60% solids that seals the wood and is maintenance-free. When cured, CCV's elasticity allows it to move with the wood eliminating cracking and flaking. CCV exposes the woods beautiful grain and color while leaving a satin smooth textured surface. 

Our Trade Benefits


We have the wood.

Most makers purchase their wood from retail/wholesale sources - we must saw and dry our own. The difference is, our character-grade hardwood is not available commercially but rather available only through specialty wood mills and DIY. We select our own wood - wood with natural imperfections like knots and burls, all of which add character and beauty. Each log is different with its own unique color and character and each log is sawn with the slabs stacked and dried in the order they were sawn (slab collection).  

We maintain a rotating inventory of hundreds of kiln-dried hardwood slabs ready for building our shelves and cutting boards. We are always searching for the next great log that's solid and full of beautiful color and wood character because for us, working with this amazing wood is a lifestyle, from purchasing logs to processing the wood - collecting the best wood slabs for their strength and beauty which will make amazing cutting boards and shelves.

We have the skilled craftsmen! All of our woodworking and finishing is done by 3rd generation skilled wood workers and fine furniture finishers who are passionate about their work and very capable.

We offer a Trade Discount! Interior Design and Design Architect Firms submitting a Federal Tax Number will not only receive tax-free status but also will receive a Trade Discount.

We are accessible! Contact me by phone or email – I am Steve Zimmer and I am responsible for assisting you with projects and purchases. I can be reached by calling 610-310-9625 or by email at

Shelf Sizing & Finishing Options

Choose shelf widths from 12”W to 90”W and up to 15”D. Our floating shelves are 2” thick or greater and routed to hide their Aluminum or HD Steel Bracket inside.

We can also rout and drill for under-shelf LED lighting.

While we do specialize in character-grade hardwood (clear finishes) we are very capable of supplying stained and painted shelving.

Our skilled woodcrafters and finishers deliver a premium shelf that reveals the handmade workmanship.