One-of-a-kind Shelving & Cutting Boards

Discover ZimBoards Premium Pennsylvania Hardwood Shelves & Cutting Boards

Our ZimBoard Shelving and Culinary Boards are designed to be more than just another wood shelf or cutting board. Rather, our shelves and boards are handmade here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and designed to be a statement piece that is useful and a dynamic decor accent. Our thick hardwood shelves and cutting boards are full of amazing natural figure with warm color tones and bring a warm natural element into any space.

While there may be plenty of great shelf and cutting board choices on the market, we believe our ZimBoards shelves and cutting boards are special due to their amazing wood character, board thickness and finish. Combining these 3 factors together is why we consider our shelves and boards to be premium handmade products.

ZimBoards Wood Shelves and Cutting Boards are made of a single plank of cherry, maple or walnut which means their color and grain are consistent unlike most other shelves and cutting boards made of glued up pieces of store-bought lumber that lack wood character uniformity.  

We salvage all of our logs from tree-service companies who remove trees that have died, were diseased or threatened a structure.    

We work by the log, meaning, we use wood from individual logs and when it's used up, we move onto the next log - an exciting advantage because our woods color and character variations are constantly changing based on the specific log(s) we use at the specific time. 

Our Character-Grade wood is not commercially processed lumber! Commercially processed lumber is "clear", meaning it's free or void of natural imperfections - in other words, it's boring to look at. In contrast, our character-grade wood is the opposite and instead, it's full of beautiful natural imperfections and color that make our shelves and cutting boards stand out and get noticed.      

Our wood is sawn and dried very differently from commercially processed lumber. Commercial lumber processors must be profitable and process their wood as quickly as possible. Our character-grade wood slabs are thick and must be air dried for 2 years before they are kiln dried or else, they will warp and crack.  

Our customers benefit from our operation because of the variety of wood species and live-edge variations in our inventory. Our process also allows us to use wood slabs from one specific log that ensures uniform character and color that’s especially important when filling multi-shelf orders.   

Wood Character
Contemporary/Modern or Farmhouse/Log Cabin, character-grade hardwood reveals its beautiful natural wood character that has an authentic organic appeal and is appreciated by most folks - it accents almost any decor style.  

Board Thickness is Everything

Our thick boards reduce the chance of the wood warping and cracking while providing a wide edge showing beautiful wood grain and color. Our wood cutting boards are heavier and therefore more stable and comfortable to use, additionally our boards have a wide edge and allow the board to be displayed - standing stably on edge against the counter backsplash. 

A 2" thick shelf delivers a wider flat-edge or live-edge which is what is seen when hung on the wall. The thicker board also provides more space for a bigger hidden shelf bracket making for a more secure installation. 

Our premium furniture-grade CCV (Catalyzed Conversion Varnish) finish brings out the woods beautiful color and character while sealing it and protecting it. The CCV finish is scratch resistant, water resistant and maintenance-free. The CCV finish is a build-up finish and leaves a lustrous satin-smooth textured surface. 

Options & Custom 
While we do try hard to offer a standardized selection of cutting boards and shelving the similarities are only in size or maker construction. Many of the shelves and cutting boards we sell are considered custom in some form which means we are flexible.

We are continuously changing our wood slab inventory with unusual and exciting wood slabs we use for our shelves and boards making them truly One-of-a-kind. 

Finish options exist and include painting and stains, all applied professionally by skilled furniture finishers.

Custom sizing is typical and not a problem with our shelves or cutting boards.