One-of-a-kind Shelving & Cutting Boards

Discover ZimBoards Premium Pennsylvania Hardwood Shelves & Cutting Boards

Our ZimBoard Shelving and Culinary Boards are designed to be more than just another shelf or cutting board but rather, our shelves and boards are made to be a statement piece that's useful -and- a powerful decor accent. Thick hardwood shelves and cutting boards full of amazing natural figure with warm color tones making for a dynamic décor accent.

While there may be plenty of great shelf and cutting board choices on the market, we believe few match the “ZimBoards Total Package” which is 1. Wood Character, 2. Board Thickness and 3. Finish, combining these factors together is why we consider our shelves and boards as being premium handmade products.

Our wood is very special to us simply because we process our own. The process begins with us purchasing local hardwood logs that came from trees that either died or needed to be removed because they threatened a structure. From sawing the logs to having kiln-dried wood slabs requires at least two years due to the thickness of the wood slabs which explains why this wood is not available commercially.

Our Customers benefit from our operation because of the variety of wood species and live-edge variations in our inventory. Our process also allows us to use wood slabs from one specific log that ensures uniform character and color that’s especially important when filling multi-shelf orders.   

Wood Character
No glued up pieces of store-bought boards here! Commercially processed lumber is typically “clear’ and void of any imperfections having straight grain – boring. In contrast, our shelves and cutting boards are solid single-plank “character-grade” hardwood that’s full of wavy grain, rich color tones and beautiful and interesting natural imperfections that exude an organic appeal.

Board Thickness
A thick board is essential to the quality of both our shelves and our cutting boards. A thicker wood shelf allows for a larger hidden mounting bracket which in turn increases its capacity. A thicker shelf also increases the depth of the shelf’s edge showing more natural edge or edge grain. Regarding Single-Plank Cutting Boards, board thickness is critical in a few ways beginning with a 2” thick or thicker board that resists warpage, sits sturdy on the countertop while projecting a unique hefty-robust look.

Our premium furniture-grade CCV (Cataylized Conversion Varnish) finish brings out the woods beautiful color and natural imperfections like knots and wavy grain leaving a lustrous satin-smooth textured surface. The CCV finish seals the wood protecting it from water spills and scratches and is virtually maintenance-free.

Many of the shelves and cutting boards we sell are considered custom in some form which means we are flexible. While our wood species of choice are Rough-Bark Black Cherry, English Walnut, Black Walnut, Soft & Hard Maple, we also use other local hardwood species or boards with unusual features or shape. We are continuously changing our wood slab inventory with unusual and exciting wood slabs we use for our shelves and boards making them truly One-of-a-kind.  

Finish options exist and include painting and stains, all applied professionally by skilled furniture finishers.

Custom sizing is typical and not a problem with our shelves or cutting boards.