ZimBoard Hardwood Shelving Options

Character-Grade Hardwood Shelving Options - Custom shelving that fits your space and style.

Interior Designers & Design Architects, offer your clients an exciting alternative to existing cookie-cutter shelving options. Surprise your clients with the organic appeal of our hardwood's warm color tones and wavy figure - a shelf so unique and so beautiful they’ll call it art.

Our Character-Grade hardwood shelving feature natural imperfections that include small and medium sized knots, mineral streaks, and color variations not found in most other wood shelving. After all, woods greatest beauty lies in its imperfections...and it's those beautiful natural imperfections that make our hardwood shelving unique.

We are all about the "shelf edge" because when installed at eye-level...the edge is the most visible part of the shelf. A wall shelfs “edge” is what you see when installed - which explains why our shelving selection puts so much emphasis on edge grain, color and shape. 

It’s your choice! Use the following images that illustrate variations in edge, grain and color as a reference - offer your clients one-of-a-kind custom shelving that is professionally finished by our skilled woodcrafters and finishers.   

Need Help? Please contact Steve for assistance at: 610-310-9625 / stephen@zimboards.com

Black Walnut Flat-Edge

Black Walnut Natural Live-Edge

Our Black Walnut Shelves are available with a Natural Live-Edge or Modern Flat-Edge, and with or without light color variations of sapwood...You can choose the edge-style and color variation to create a one-of-a-kind accent. 

Regardless of which you choose you can be confident that you’ll receive an heirloom quality shelf that will bring a natural element into any space.


Ash, or more specifically Black Ash is a wide-grain light colored wood with dark grain lines in its heartwood. Ash is a great option when color contrasting on a darker wall.


Our Pennsylvania Black Cherry is highly sought after for its warm reddish-brown color tones and tight grain patterns. Live Edge or Flat Edge, Cherry reveals a warmth and genuineness of solid hardwood character. Regardless of whether cherry wood is finished or not it will darken over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. This darkening adds to the woods rich color and character. Cherry like black walnut has a visible, lighter colored sapwood which is available with live-edge of flat-edge. 


Red Maple is another light-colored wood specie which works with color contrasting although it’s typically darker than Ash. Red Maple has a light cream color sapwood with a darker reddish-brown heartwood.

Unusual Edges & Wood Character

Wavy edges and surface burls make for dramatic shelf edges. We are always searching for logs with unusual under-bark surfaces and as these images demonstrate, unique shelf edge features deliver outstanding results. Our inventory of these special wood slabs is continuously changing.

Note: All of our wood comes from salvaged hardwood logs we purchase from local Tree Service Companies – logs from trees that died or had to be removed because they threatened a structure. We select these logs based on their solidness and wood character. We saw each log into thick wood slabs and air dry each for 2 years until their internal moisture is low enough that we can use it.