Who we are...

Years ago, what began as a hobby, sawing and collecting thick hardwood slabs gradually evolved into a business...perhaps even a lifestyle by constantly searching for great logs and using this amazing wood to create useful home-products. Today we specialize in "floating bookshelves", "modern shelving for bathroom" and "floating wood kitchen shelves". We also use this wood to make eye catching specialty "charcuterie boards", "wood serving boards", and "large maple wood cutting boards for kitchen"...thick "wood cutting boards" that provide a sturdy and comfortable cutting surface while adding an amazing natural element to any kitchen.    

It takes us two years to prepare our thick hardwood slabs before they're ready for the woodshop - our character-grade hardwood slabs cannot be purchased through commercial outlets or retailers, so we must process it ourselves. We purchase our own logs, saw them into thick wood slabs then air-dry them for a year or more. Processing our own wood allows us to purchase select character grade logs that once sawn will yield boards with amazing grain and color - character-grade hardwood.  

We are proud to offer heirloom quality products from our rural Southeastern Pennsylvania Community. Our wood grows here and when its time, we process it into valuable lumber. Our woodworking is done locally with much of it by hand by skilled woodworkers who are passionate about the quality of their work.     

The shelves, cutting boards and décor we make all celebrate our community's long recognized craftsmanship and its beautiful native hardwood.