ZimBoard Cutting Boards...A Star in Your Kitchen

A Star in your kitchen

Nothing is more comfortable to cut food on than a thick and sturdy wood cutting board.

ZimBoard Wood Cutting Boards are thick and sturdy with amazing natural wood character making them a Star in your kitchen. 

Thick & Sturdy
Most wood cutting boards, especially edge grain and face grain boards are 1.5” thick or less. And while many of these boards are good quality boards, they are not 2”+ thick and that makes a big difference in both use and aesthetics – nothing outperforms or out shines a thick handmade Pennsylvania hardwood  cutting board.  

When making thick face-grain boards of 2 inches or greater you need to start with thick kiln-dried wood slabs of 2.5” or greater…and that wood is not available commercially. For that reason and to have a reliable supply of these thick wood slabs we process our own boards from sawn log to kiln-dried ready to use board – a 2 year process.

A thick wood cutting board is a sturdy wood cutting surface and less likely to warp. A thick face grain cutting board can also be re-sanded and cured time and time again and with proper care will last for many years.

Preferred Hardwood
We only use preferred non-porous hardwood (cherry, walnut and hard maple) to make our wood cutting boards, charcuterie boards, grazing boards and serving boards. Non-porous, closed grain hardwood repels liquids from soaking into the wood fibers minimizing bacteria contamination. Additionally, our woods of choice each have a preferred hardness making them durable enough to satisfy professional chiefs while easy enough on their expensive knife edges.

Entertaining and Décor Value
ZimBoard Cutting Boards have uniform grain patterns and color unlike cutting boards made of glued up pieces of wood – our boards are more natural in appearance and less machined looking. Many of our boards are designed for entertaining – for carving and serving big cuts of beef or poultry to guests – thick wood cutting boards with juice grooves or scalloped pockets.

Because we process our own wood we are able to choose the wood we use – solid wood with a lot of natural wood character. Each ZimBoard Cutting Board has at least one flat edge allowing it to be stood on edge where it can be seen and admired.  

Made in Lancaster Pennsylvania
You cannot manufacture our ZimBoard Cutting Boards in “bulk” and match our wood cutting boards unique natural beauty or craftsmanship. Instead, our cutting boards are made by hand by skilled Lancaster County Woodcrafters who are passionate about their work.