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No store-bought lumber here!

All of our wood is sawn “salvaged” logs that came from trees that were removed because the either died or threatened a structure. Straight, clear logs with little imperfections go to commercial processing, lumber sold in stores or Home Centers – the trees with the wide trunks and huge limbs come to us…logs with potential for amazing wood character – “Character-Grade” Hardwood.

Our wood is full of amazing grain, natural imperfections and warm color tones. We select and purchase each log for solidness and wood character. We are always searching for unusual logs with surface burls or unusual under-bark surface making for a unique live edge – uncommon wood that is full of organic appeal.

ZimBoards Cutting Boards and Shelving are made of Pennsylvania Walnut, Cherry and Maple wood slabs we saw and dry for 2 years.

Our large inventory of kiln-dried wood slabs give us the flexibility to build custom sized culinary boards and shelves. Furthermore, our wood slab inventory consists of bundles of wood slabs, kept together in the order they were sawn from the log. This means we make multiple shelf orders from the wood of a specific log ensuring uniform color and character.

Because we mill and dry our own wood slabs, we can offer variations in wood color and character that best fit a room’s decor style.  

Live-Edge is natural…the outer under bark surface of the tree. Flat-Edge with its flat surfaces and straight lines reveals a more modern style – regardless of style rich wood color tones and character is a great accent for most décor styles.

We specialize in hardwood culinary boards and shelving. Much of our business is custom in variation of wood color/character, size or finish. We also offer bar tops, table tops and wall décor. Clear correspondence and coordinating maximizes project efficiency making for a better purchasing experience…you will only work with me, Steve Zimmer.

Choose shelf widths from 12”W to 90”W and up to 15”D. Our floating shelves are 2” thick or greater and routed to hide their Aluminum or HD Steel Bracket inside.

We can also rout and drill for under-shelf LED lighting.

We can fabricate your style of steel mantel or shelf bracket

While we do specialize in character-grade hardwood (clear finishes) we are very capable of supplying stained and painted shelving.

Our skilled woodcrafters and finishers deliver a premium shelf that reveals the handmade workmanship.

Much of our woodworking and most of our finishing is done by hand by 3rd generation wood crafters who build some of the highest quality fine furniture Lancaster County Pennsylvania has to offer. Share your unique ideas with us.   


This group of 6 - 42”W English Walnut Live-Edge Floating Shelves were made using wood from a specific log ensuring the 6 - shelf group matches in color and character. These specific shelves feature a professionally applied CCV finish and have been routed for under-shelf Puck-LED lighting.

The Black Walnut Carving Board and Live-Edge Floating Shelf shown here illustrate the effectiveness of using Character-Grade Hardwood that's full of warm color tones and natural imperfections, the organic appeal that makes for a dynamic decor accent.

These 4 Modern Style Flat-Edge Black Walnut Floating Shelves demonstrate what is possible. Each shelf measures 12”D X 90”W X 2”H - these custom shelves are sawn from the same log ensuring each shelf has uniform color and character and matches the others. Each shelf is full of amazing wood character and finished with a Catalyzed Conversion Varnish (CCV) Finish exposing the woods beautiful grain and color while leaving a satin smooth texture surface. 

ZimBoards Trade Benefits

We have the skilled craftsmen! All of our woodworking and finishing is done by 3rd generation skilled wood workers and fine furniture finishers who are passionate about their work and very capable.

We offer a Trade Discount! Interior Design and Design Architect Firms submitting a Federal Tax Number will not only receive tax-free status but also will receive a Trade Discount.

We are accessible! Contact me by phone or email – I am Steve Zimmer and I am responsible for assisting with projects and purchases. I can be reached by calling 610-310-9625 or by email at

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