Kettle Creek Black Cherry Flat-Edge "Arch Bracket" Shelf Kit

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8-10"D X 24"W X 2"H

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Please Note: In-stock shelves ship in 1-3 days, made to order lead time is 3-4 weeks. Custom size requests welcome.

Kettle Creek Black Cherry Flat-Edge Shelf w/ Steel Arch Bracket

PRODUCT OVERVIEW - Our Kettle Creek (KC) Hardwood Shelves are genuine Pennsylvania Walnut OR Cherry Wood – not stained softwood or glued up pieces of lumber. Our shelves are a single 2” thick character-grade hardwood board with natural grain patterns and color tones. Each shelf is professionally finished – fine-sanded then sprayed with a cataylized conversion varnish (CCV) leaving a lustrous 20-sheen finish.  

BLACK CHERRY Flat-Edge Shelf – Our Kettle Creek Black Cherry Flat-edge shelves are a 2” thick solid cherry board full of beautiful grain and warm red-brown color tones. The Flat-Edge of the shelf is 2" flat and straight - modern style, revealing edge grain and on occasion some color variations. The shelf face (top and bottom) reveal amazing natural wood character and reddish-brown color black cherry is known for.

SIZES AVAILABLE – Medium size comes with a 7"D X 9"H Bracket with a 10"D wood shelf, the Large size has a 10"D X 12"H Bracket with a 12"D wood shelf. Standard shelf lengths are: 24”, 30”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”W. Please contact us for Large Shelf prices.

HEAVY STEEL BRACKET - Our heavy cold-rolled steel Arch Shelf Bracket offer a heavy Industrial look. We offer 2 sizes of Arch Brackets that measure Medium (7” X 9” X 2” Wide) –or- Large (10” X 12” X 2” Wide) and made of ¼” thick steel. Mounting screws and installation instructions are included. Installed correctly our shelves are able to hold 40 pounds per wood wall stud.

Easy installation requires simple tools such as power drill, wood drill bit for drilling pilot holes, a Philips head screw driver for fastening to the wall studs and a level for making sure installation is level. Once the Arch Brackets are installed simply lay the Maple Shelf onto the brackets and fasten with supplied screws.


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