Flat Edge Black Cherry Double Wall Shelf

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24"W X 10"D X 14"H

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Product Information

Kettle Creek Double Cherry Flat-Edge Wall Shelf Kit

Item Number:
SH-DB-C-FE-24 10 (10”D X 24”W X 14”H)
SH-DB-C-FE-30 10 (10”D X 30”W X 14”H)
SH-DB-C-FE-48 10 (10”D X 48”W X 14”H)
SH-DB-C-FE-60 10 (10”D X 60”W X 14”H)

Item Description:  Our Kettle Creek Double Cherry Wall Shelf Kit features 2 solid Pennsylvania Cherry wood shelves – solid single board shelves with beautiful grain and color, not glued up pieces of wood. Each shelf is fine-sanded and sprayed with a durable-protective Cataylized Conversion Varnish (CCV) leaving a satin finish. The heavy steel double shelf brackets are painted flat black and work as a great color contrast. Our shelves are 1.75”- 2” thick and show beautiful natural character and color in their edge and end grain.

Thick Kettle Creek Flat-Edge Shelves combined with our heavy steel shelf brackets achieve a clean simple contemporary style - choose flat-black or clear-coat bracket finish.


SH-DB-C-FE-24 10 BLK (10”D X 30”W X 14”H BLK BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-30 10 BLK (10”D X 40”W X 14”H BLK BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-48 10 BLK (10”D X 48”W X 14”H BLK BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-60 10 BLK (10”D X 60”W X 14”H BLK BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-24 10 CLR (10”D X 30”W X 14”H CLR BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-30 10 CLR (10”D X 40”W X 14”H CLR BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-48-10 CLR (10”D X 48”W X 14”H CLR BRACKET)
SH-DB-C-FE-60-10 CLR (10”D X 60”W X 14”H CLR BRACKET)

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