A Premium Cutting Board with Style

Not many food prep cutting surfaces can compete with solid hardwood and even fewer materials can surpass its natural beauty. Our boards deliver a one of a kind organic element to any kitchen while providing a solid cutting surface that’s easiest on knife edges.

Our ZimBoard Cutting Boards are both a cooking tool and décor accent, both equally import to most of our customers - folks who love to cook and appreciate the natural beauty of amazing wood color and character. From the Vegetarian to Barbeque fanatics, our boards create a one of a kind presentation; making a great eating experience even better.

Carving, Slicing and Serving
Our Carver and Slicer Cutting Boards are 2” thick and available in a variety sizes up to 20” wide X 24” long, now that’s a big board. These are heavy boards especially with pounds of smoked meat piled up on them and have routed finger grooves allowing for easy maneuvering around the kitchen or to the table. Routed juice grooves and pockets keep juices on the board with the meat ensuring that each morsel is enjoyed rather than falling onto the counter or table.

Every Day Boards
Our Flat-Top Cutting Boards are our go-to boards and great for prepping vegetables and dryer menu ingredients offering up plenty of cutting surface area with a reversible two-sided design. Each Flat-Top Board has routed finger grooves for easy maneuvering around the kitchen. These are thick solid wood slabs that are comfortable to cut on. Each board has a rustic natural live-edge and flat-edge for standing on edge increasing its eye appeal.

Classic Cutting Boards are a single wood slab fine sanded and cured – same as the Flat-Top but without routing. Many of these cutting boards work well with charcuterie or for serving cheese. Classic Boards make for a great every day cutting board whether you’re slicing up vegetables on the kitchen counter or citrus on the bar top. Regardless of how you use a Classic Board it’s the eye appeal that establishes it as a décor accent.        

Food Safety
Our woods of choice are Hard Maple, Black Cherry and Walnut. These hardwood species are Closed Grain (diffuse-porous) which means their wood fibers prevent liquid absorption from juices/moisture left behind by food like raw meat. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) found that 18% of cutting boards they sampled harbored harmful bacteria like Salmonella and E.coli. Certainly something you want to avoid in your kitchen.


 A Star in Your Kitchen    
Many of our customers purchase ZimBoards because of their decorative appeal. Our boards are full of beautiful wood character that include amazing grain patterns, knots and curly figure - standing them on edge against a counter backsplash creates eye-catching appeal. Simply put, a Zimboard cutting board with its organic charm make them a great accent to any kitchen décor.

The Wood
All of our wood comes from locally harvested trees that needed to be removed due to storm damage, or that threatened a structure. We purchase the logs we believe will have the most character anticipating the beautiful color and figure that lies within, however we never really know how good a log is until we saw them. Once sawn into thick 2.75” wood slabs they get stacked and air dried for two years after which they’re kiln dried and stored for use. We primarily use Walnut, Cherry and Sugar Maple because of their color tones and figure but also because they are native to our area.

These three woods also offer a preferred hardness with Sugar Maple the hardest, followed by walnut and cherry. This preferred hardness deliverers a solid surface to cut on and is easiest on knife edges. Our boards are typically 2” thick with a live-edge (natural-edge) on one side and flat-edge on the other – designed to support the board standing on edge.

Cutting Board Maintenance
All solid wood cutting boards require routine maintenance to keep them in top shape. Each ZimBoard Cutting Board is cured using solvent-free and food safe Odie’s Oil finish and stabilizer. Our ZimBoard Cutting Boards are solid single board hardwood and should be stored standing on edge to prevent warping created by a moisture imbalance in the wood. Our boards should also be conditioned once every few months (more often if the board is more frequently used or in very dry environments). Each ZimBoard Cutting Board comes with care instructions and with routine care our boards will last for many years.